WSU India/Nepal Graduate Student Retreat

We had a great weekend with an awesome group.  They were a group of graduate students from Wichita State University.  Pictured below from L to R:  Krushnamraju & Suhaeini Kosuru, married and both doctors in India who are working on their US Doctorate. Great couple…and great cooks.  Tyler Doersksen, who spear-headed the retreat and who makes great mint tea.  Also, Suvidha Samant, a graduate biologist from Southern India, who made a great dish  and Pravin  from Nepal who taught us how to make MoMo.

We learned so much from this group and enjoyed their wonderful cooking.  We took them to the Amish where they helped us load up firewood and then toured the Amish goat dairy.

We had a great weekend.

October 2010