Rain Gutter protection from leaves

When I was with my son, Mark, at Costco in Kansas City a few months ago, we say a product to keep leaves and junk out of your gutters.  It is a triangular piece of foamy substance that is to absorb water and let it flow down the gutter and keep the leaves, etc on top.  After they dry out, hopefully they will blow away somewhere.

I just last night installed this stuff on the north end of my carport.  Then prayed for rain!!

Today it rained.  So far, we have about seven tenths of an inch.  The electricity has been on and off as well.  We are praying for a good soaking and no damage.

I stepped out under the carport and looked at the underside of the gutter.  It did not have volumes of water running down the side as it had in the past.  So, I am marking this one down as a success, so far anyway!


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